Ms Elisa

I’m Elisa, an experienced educator passionate about fostering language skills and geographical knowledge in students. As a dedicated teacher of Italian for Year 5 and Geography for Year 5 and 6, I bring a diverse academic background to our vibrant educational community.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages and a Master’s degree in Progettazione e Gestione di Sistemi Turistici, I possess a solid foundation in language studies and tourism management. Continually expanding my expertise, I am currently pursuing a second Master’s degree in English Literature, equipping me with a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

Since joining Benedetto XV International School in 2020, I have been instrumental in guiding students in their Italian language acquisition and fostering their understanding of geography. Through engaging lessons and interactive activities, I aim to inspire a love for language and culture, as well as a global perspective on our ever-changing world.