Ms Raffa

I was born and raised in Italy, where I spent the early years of my life until 2000. However, my journey took me to the UK, specifically London, where I resided for a year before eventually settling in Ireland. It was in Ireland that I had the opportunity to further my education and personal growth.

In 2006, I enrolled at the esteemed Portobello Institute in Dublin. It was there that I immersed myself in the field of early childhood education, specifically focusing on the Montessori method. After dedicated study and practical experience, I proudly graduated as a certified Montessori teacher in 2008.

Living in both the UK and Ireland has provided me with invaluable experiences, both personally and professionally. These experiences have shaped me into the teacher I am today. I have dedicated my career to working with kindergarten-aged children, fostering their growth, and guiding them along their educational journey.

After several years as a nursery teacher in an international school in Rome, I made the exciting transition to Benedetto XV International School in 2017. Since then, I have been serving as a Year 1 teacher, nurturing young minds and helping them develop a love for learning.

In my spare time, I find great joy in cooking. Exploring various culinary creations allows me to express my creativity and passion for the culinary arts. It is through cooking that I find relaxation and inspiration, which in turn positively impacts my teaching.