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Farm and Vegetable garden

The farm and the vegetable garden offer a journey inside nature that allows the children to discover and understand the rhythm of growing plants and animals. Jean Piaget claimed that for a complete cognitive development, a fertile and multisensory environment is required. In fact it reproduces, in a symbiotic way, the shapes, surfaces, colours, smells, tastes and sounds of the real world.

Taking care of a vegetable garden provides an opportunity for personal growth and allows for the development of dexterity and a genuine relationship with nature. Through planting, growing and harvesting activities children learn to recognise the production cycle of the fruits and vegetables derived from the land and develops a healthy relationship with nature and food.

The activity of farming requires constant dedication and time management skills. It is through this activity that children develop skills such as managing long term projects and using their perceptual sensitivity to select and value food.

In addition to the vegetable garden, there is also a farm where children are involved in an active way and have the opportunity to personally discover the world of nature.

In the farm children can take control of the learning process through direct experience. The contact with the animals directly in their environment stimulates the affective and emotive dimension of children and pushes them to share sensations, emotions and feelings with other children.

The interaction with animals is clearly a positive experience:  our animals become a kind of extension which allows  children to increase their self esteem and their capability to express their ideas and to manage their emotional impulses. Furthermore, the relationship with animals stimulates the ability to pay attention, to focus, and also their imagination and fantasy.

Their body can also benefit from the interaction with animals. It is in fact possible to acquire dexterity and develop postural control which improve physical balance and coordination.