Director's Welcome

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Ms. Marzia Pavoni

Since its establishment in 2016, Benedetto XV International School has evolved from offering only nursery and kindergarten classes to now encompassing primary and lower secondary schools as well. The inception of the school, along with my personal journey as a mother, ignited my passion for pedagogy and child psychology. My university studies, coupled with my interactions with diverse individuals through my work, further deepened my appreciation for human connections and global exploration.

Embracing the belief that knowledge knows no bounds, I am committed to fostering respect for different cultures, religions, thoughts, and diversity. It is a shared goal that paves the way for a future of peace and love. Our international school provides students with a unique opportunity to flourish in an environment enriched with diverse cultures and languages. This environment nurtures open-mindedness, eliminating prejudices, and equips students with linguistic and cultural proficiency to navigate the world with confidence and adaptability, whether for personal enjoyment or professional pursuits.

Our Staff

At Benedetto XV International School, our team consists of highly experienced teachers who are well-versed in pedagogical best practices. Our staff members are not only knowledgeable in their respective fields but also trained in first aid, including emergency response procedures for hazardous incidents. Rest assured that your child’s safety and well-being are our top priorities at Benedetto XV International School.

Nursery Teachers

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Middle School Teachers

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Ms Nishani

Hello, I’m Nishani, a dedicated Nursery teacher from Sri Lanka, and I feel incredibly fortunate to be part of the Benedetto XV family. Teaching is not just my profession but also my passion, and I bring a wealth of creativity to my role. Over the years, I have taught languages, art, and singing to various age groups in Sri Lanka, honing my skills and experience in these areas.

To enhance my teaching abilities and create a meaningful learning environment, I have pursued training certificates in Montessori education as well as personal grooming and etiquette. These certifications have been instrumental in coordinating my work effectively and ensuring that my career is both enjoyable and fulfilling.

I am thrilled to contribute my expertise to the Benedetto XV International School community and provide an enriching educational experience for the Nursery students.

Ms Antonietta

Greetings, everyone! I’m Antonietta, the coordinator of the nursery section at Benedetto XV International School. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Science for Childhood and Pre-adolescent Education, as well as a Master’s Degree in Professional Education and Continuing Education from the esteemed University of Salerno. Throughout my academic journey, I have acquired valuable pedagogical and psychological skills that have equipped me to excel in my role. What truly drives me is my unwavering passion for working in this dynamic and fulfilling environment.

My journey with children began during my adolescence when I enthusiastically participated in voluntary summer camps and playrooms. After completing my studies, I had the opportunity to work in various preschools, engaging with children of different age groups. I am also certified in first aid, including pediatric unblocking maneuvers, and have completed the BLSD (BASIC LIFE SUPPORT – DEFIBRILLATION) course.

Working with children brings me immense satisfaction and joy. Witnessing their growth and development is a constant source of surprise and personal enrichment for me. I am thrilled to be a part of the Benedetto XV International School, where I can contribute to the nurturing and holistic education of our young learners.

Ms Annalisa

Hello everyone, I’m Annalisa, a dedicated nursery educator in the infant section of Benedetto XV International School. I hold a degree in Scienze dell’Educazione (Educational Sciences) and I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in Scienze Pedagogiche (Pedagogical Sciences) at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. Working with children is not just a job for me, it is my true passion. Over the years, I have gained valuable experience working with children of different age groups, which has further deepened my understanding and love for this important phase of their lives.

I consider myself fortunate to be able to contribute to the growth and well-being of children during this crucial period. It brings me great joy to play a part in their development and help create a nurturing environment for them. I hold certifications in pediatric first aid and unblocking maneuvers, as well as BLSD (Basic Life Support-Defibrillation). Additionally, I have completed the first level HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) training.

Ms Maryna

Hello, I’m Ms. Maryna, and it is truly an honor to have been part of the Benedetto XV International School community since 2018. With 12 years of experience in the field of language teaching, I have dedicated the past 6 years to working as a Reception Class teacher. My educational background lies in English Language and Literature, and my personal journey as a mother has consistently inspired me to work with young children.

Throughout my career, I have actively pursued professional development by attending various training courses, including CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), yoga for children, and English for young learners. My personal motto is “Never stop learning!” as I believe that continuous growth and learning are essential for providing the best education to my students.

I consider myself fortunate to teach in such an amazing and nurturing environment where children always come first. The school’s emphasis on creating a loving and supportive atmosphere aligns perfectly with my own teaching philosophy. Outside of the classroom, I enjoy sharing my love for water sports and outdoor activities with my family and friends.

Ms Indra

Hello, I’m Ms. Indra, the preschool year teacher at Benedetto XV International School. From the very beginning, I have been a proud member of this remarkable project and dedicated team. Although I am originally from Australia, I have spent my entire life in Italy, attending both international and Italian schools for my own education. This unique background has provided me with a rich understanding of both cultures.

With over 16 years of teaching experience, I have worked in various educational settings, including language schools, middle schools, and high schools. Teaching has always been my passion, and I have specifically chosen to work with young children. To enhance my teaching skills, I have undertaken training courses in methods such as Montessori and Feuerstein, enabling me to create a more effective learning environment for kindergarten years.

My love for young children is evident in my joyful and enthusiastic personality. I strive to establish a special bond with each and every child in my class, fostering a nurturing and inclusive atmosphere. As a mother of two young girls who attend primary and middle school, I can relate to the experiences and challenges faced by both children and parents.

Outside of the classroom, I have a genuine love for animals and an insatiable passion for horse riding and skiing. These interests, combined with my dedication to teaching, shape the teacher I am today. My ultimate goal is not only to educate children through fun and play, but also to empower them to become responsible and compassionate adults who can contribute positively to the world of tomorrow.

Ms Tina

Hello, I’m Ms. Tina, and I come from London, England. As a certified language educator, I have had the privilege of teaching in both elementary and secondary schools here in Italy. For the past 10 years, I have been dedicated to teaching Kindergarten in the beautiful region of Castelli Romani. Additionally, I am a proud mother of twins who are currently attending secondary school.

Teaching young children is my passion, and I find great joy in nurturing their development and fostering a love for learning. I believe in creating a warm and inclusive classroom environment where children feel supported and encouraged to explore their interests and discover their unique talents. By employing engaging and interactive teaching methods, I strive to make every lesson enjoyable and meaningful for my students.

Outside of the classroom, I am an avid traveler who enjoys exploring different cultures and experiencing new adventures around the world. Through my travels, I gain a broader perspective and continuously seek opportunities to enrich my teaching practices with diverse cultural influences.

Ms Raffa

I was born and raised in Italy, where I spent the early years of my life until 2000. However, my journey took me to the UK, specifically London, where I resided for a year before eventually settling in Ireland. It was in Ireland that I had the opportunity to further my education and personal growth.

In 2006, I enrolled at the esteemed Portobello Institute in Dublin. It was there that I immersed myself in the field of early childhood education, specifically focusing on the Montessori method. After dedicated study and practical experience, I proudly graduated as a certified Montessori teacher in 2008.

Living in both the UK and Ireland has provided me with invaluable experiences, both personally and professionally. These experiences have shaped me into the teacher I am today. I have dedicated my career to working with kindergarten-aged children, fostering their growth, and guiding them along their educational journey.

After several years as a nursery teacher in an international school in Rome, I made the exciting transition to Benedetto XV International School in 2017. Since then, I have been serving as a Year 1 teacher, nurturing young minds and helping them develop a love for learning.

In my spare time, I find great joy in cooking. Exploring various culinary creations allows me to express my creativity and passion for the culinary arts. It is through cooking that I find relaxation and inspiration, which in turn positively impacts my teaching.

Ms Liz

Hello, I’m Liz, and I have the privilege of being the Teacher of 3rd Materna in the kindergarten at Benedetto XV International School. Originally hailing from York, a sunny city in the North of England, my love for travel has taken me far and wide. After completing my schooling, I decided to pursue my passion for horses and enrolled in equine sciences and therapy studies at university.

However, my travels and experiences across Europe led me to discover a deep connection with working with children. I had the opportunity to teach in various children’s camps during my journeys, and it was during this time that I realized my calling to pursue a career dedicated to nurturing young minds. I returned to the UK and completed my PTT (Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector) qualification, further enhancing my skills and knowledge in early childhood education.

I gained invaluable experience working with underprivileged children in London, where I collaborated with a wonderful children’s charity in Vauxhall. This experience reinforced my commitment to providing quality education and support to children from diverse backgrounds. I then continued my professional journey at a prestigious private school in Surrey, where I had the privilege of working with passionate educators and engaging in ongoing professional development opportunities.

Working with children, particularly at this tender age, fills me with joy and purpose. I find immense satisfaction in exploring books and reading together, as it opens up a world of knowledge and imagination for young learners. I strongly believe in the power of play and child-led activities, as they foster enthusiasm and allow children to develop their skills and confidence in a natural and enjoyable way.

At Benedetto XV International School, I am dedicated to creating an engaging and nurturing environment where children can grow, learn, and thrive. It is my utmost pleasure to witness their knowledge and skills flourish while supporting their individual needs and unique personalities.

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be part of the Benedetto XV International School community and contribute to the educational journey of our young learners. Together, let us embark on a wonderful adventure of discovery, exploration, and growth.

Ms Alessandra

Greetings! I’m Ms. Alessandra, the dedicated Italian language teacher at Benedetto XV International School’s primary level. With a strong academic background and a passion for fostering language skills, I am committed to providing an enriching educational experience for our students.

I hold a master’s degree in European and American foreign languages and literature, with a focus on the renowned French poet Max Jacob. My time in France, particularly in Paris and Lille, allowed me to immerse myself in the language and culture, further enhancing my teaching expertise. I had the privilege of serving as an Italian language lecturer at the esteemed University of Lille III Charles de Gaulle.

During my university studies, I delved into various aspects of Italian linguistics and glottology, specifically tailored for teaching Italian in primary school. This comprehensive knowledge equips me to create engaging lessons and foster a love for the Italian language among our young learners.

Traveling is one of my greatest passions, as it offers invaluable opportunities to explore diverse cultures and broaden perspectives. Additionally, I am an avid reader, particularly drawn to children’s literature and picture books. This enthusiasm for storytelling fuels my dedication to fostering a love for reading and language in our students.

Ms Elisa

I’m Elisa, an experienced educator passionate about fostering language skills and geographical knowledge in students. As a dedicated teacher of Italian for Year 5 and Geography for Year 5 and 6, I bring a diverse academic background to our vibrant educational community.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages and a Master’s degree in Progettazione e Gestione di Sistemi Turistici, I possess a solid foundation in language studies and tourism management. Continually expanding my expertise, I am currently pursuing a second Master’s degree in English Literature, equipping me with a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

Since joining Benedetto XV International School in 2020, I have been instrumental in guiding students in their Italian language acquisition and fostering their understanding of geography. Through engaging lessons and interactive activities, I aim to inspire a love for language and culture, as well as a global perspective on our ever-changing world.

Ms Ruth

Hello, I’m Ruth, an experienced primary school teacher with an degree in Primary Education. Originally from Northern Ireland in the U.K, I am proud to be a part of the teaching team at Benedetto XV International School. As a passionate educator, I find great joy in witnessing children make exciting discoveries and meaningful connections during their learning journey. One of my areas of expertise and interest is supporting children in their reading progress, as I believe it is a fundamental skill that opens doors to knowledge and imagination. Currently, I am teaching Year 3 students at Benedetto XV International School. Outside of the classroom, I cherish my role as a mother to three young kids, and I find relaxation and inspiration through reading, traveling, and enjoying movies. I am dedicated to creating a positive and engaging learning environment for my students, and I am thrilled to contribute to their growth and development at Benedetto XV International School.

Ms Emma

Hello, I’m Ms. Emma, and I am delighted to be a Year 4 teacher at Benedetto XV International School. Originally from North Carolina in the United States, I bring a passion for education and a diverse background to my classroom.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and French, which has provided me with a strong foundation in teaching and language instruction. After completing my degree, I embarked on a journey that led me to Paris, where I spent several years teaching English as a second language. This experience allowed me to expand my teaching skills and gain valuable insights into language acquisition.

In 2019, I made the exciting decision to move to Italy, where I continued my teaching career while immersing myself in the Italian language and culture. It has been a rewarding experience to learn alongside my students and contribute to their educational journey.

From a young age, I had a dream of making a positive impact on children’s lives, and I consider myself incredibly fortunate to be living that dream. Every day, I strive to create a nurturing and engaging learning environment where my students can grow academically, socially, and emotionally.

Beyond the classroom, I have a passion for exploring new foods, as well as staying active through activities like swimming. Reading is also a cherished hobby of mine, and I often encourage my students to develop a love for books and storytelling.

Being part of Benedetto XV International School allows me to combine my love for teaching, languages, and cultural experiences. It is a privilege to guide and inspire the next generation of learners, and I am dedicated to fostering their curiosity, creativity, and love for lifelong learning.

Ms Lori

Hello, I’m Ms. Lori, and I’m thrilled to be a part of the Benedetto XV International School. Originally from Toronto, Canada, I made the exciting decision to move to Italy in 2002 to pursue my university studies in Languages and Literature. Since then, this beautiful country has become my home.

With a passion for language and communication, I became a qualified ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher and a Cambridge ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) examiner. Teaching English has been my professional focus since 2006, and I am dedicated to helping students develop their language skills and achieve their full potential.

In my free time, I indulge in my love for reading, as books have the power to transport us to different worlds and expand our horizons. I also enjoy cooking, experimenting with flavors and creating delicious meals. Outdoor activities, such as hiking and exploring nature, provide me with a sense of adventure and rejuvenation.

Being part of Benedetto XV International School allows me to combine my passion for teaching with the opportunity to work in a multicultural environment. I am excited to contribute to the growth and development of our students, fostering their language skills, cultural awareness, and global perspectives.

Ms Nooshin

Hello, I’m Nooshin, a passionate Persian teacher who has been dedicated to the education field in Italy since 2013. I find immense joy and fulfillment in my role as an educator. With a diverse educational background, I hold degrees in both English Literature and Interior Design, and I also have a Master’s degree in Journalism. Additionally, I am proud to be Celta Certified, which demonstrates my expertise in teaching English as a second language.

While I initially pursued a career as an architect, I discovered my true calling in teaching children. It brings me great satisfaction to contribute to their growth and development. Over the years, I have had the privilege of working with various schools in Rome, where I have served as both an English teacher and a Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) teacher. I have also gained valuable experience working with Language Institutes as an English language instructor.

In my current role, I am an elementary school teacher, specifically teaching 3rd grade. I have the opportunity to engage students in subjects such as Maths, Science, and Art in the 5th grade. Beyond teaching, I have a deep passion for the arts, including drawing and playing the piano. In addition, tennis is a sport that holds a special place in my heart.

Being able to make a positive impact on young minds and witness their growth is incredibly rewarding. Teaching children is truly my calling, and I am dedicated to providing them with a nurturing and enriching learning environment.

Ms Liesbeth

Hello, I’m Ms. Liesbeth, a teacher at Benedetto XV International School. Originally from the Netherlands and now living in Rome, I have a diverse background and a passion for teaching art. With a degree in languages and art history, I further pursued my interest in art therapy, completing a master’s degree in “arte-terapia” in 2011. Over the past 20 years, I have conducted art workshops in various settings, including daycare centers for individuals with mental disabilities and psychiatric disorders, public elementary and middle schools, and group lessons for children, teenagers, and adults.

Drawing, painting, and creating are not only my personal loves but also the means through which I empower others. At Benedetto XV International School, I have the privilege of guiding students in expressing themselves, exploring their imagination, and tapping into their inner strength and creativity. Witnessing individuals discover their emotions, enhance self-awareness, and gain new perspectives through art is incredibly rewarding.

I believe that art is a powerful tool for personal growth and development, and as a teacher at Benedetto XV International School, I am dedicated to sharing this belief with my students. Whether it’s through guiding children, teenagers, or adults, I am committed to fostering self-expression, creativity, and self-discovery through art. It brings me immense satisfaction to see individuals thrive and gain a new way of observing and understanding themselves and the world through their artistic endeavors.

Ms Carolyn

Hello, I’m Carolyn, and I am proud to be a teacher at Benedetto XV International School. Originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, I bring a diverse academic background and a passion for education. I hold a B.A. in Political Science, a B.S. with high honors in Global Environmental Sciences, and a Master’s degree in Chemical Oceanography.

With my educational journey spanning various subjects, I have gained valuable teaching experience in English, Science, Math, and Oceanography across different educational levels, from preschool to university. I am particularly passionate about Ocean Literacy, having completed a special training course with the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO. Additionally, I have a strong understanding of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a focus on SDG14, which pertains to “Life Below Water.”

Prior to joining Benedetto XV International School, I served as the educational director of the MuMa Museum of the Sea in Milazzo, Sicily. This role allowed me to further enrich my knowledge and passion for teaching. Currently, I teach Maths and Science in the primary school for Year 5 and 6, as well as Science in the Middle School.

Outside of the classroom, I am a proud mother to my daughter. In my free time, I enjoy immersing myself in literature and exploring the breathtaking corners of Italy.

I am dedicated to fostering a love for learning, scientific inquiry, and environmental awareness in my students. Through engaging lessons and hands-on experiences, I aim to inspire the next generation to become responsible global citizens who are conscious of the importance of our oceans and the sustainable development of our world.

Ms Chiara

Hello, I’m Ms. Chiara, and I am thrilled to be a Maths and Science teacher at Benedetto XV International School. 

I hold a degree in Biology with a specialization in Ecology from the University of Rome La Sapienza. After completing my undergraduate studies, I had the opportunity to work with an international organization focused on food security and sustainable agriculture in developing countries. This experience allowed me to witness the importance of science and its practical applications in addressing global challenges.

Driven by my curiosity and desire to make a difference, I pursued further academic studies at the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa. There, I obtained my Ph.D. in Agrobioscience, with a research focus on the consequences of climate change on agricultural systems in Ethiopia.

Since 2014, I have been dedicated to sharing my knowledge and passion for Maths and Science with students. I understand the importance of engaging and empowering young minds, and I strive to create a stimulating learning environment where students can explore, question, and discover the wonders of the natural world.

I have actively pursued professional development opportunities to enhance my teaching skills. I have completed courses in pedagogy, psychology, anthropology, and teaching methodology to ensure that I am equipped with the most effective approaches to education.

I am also proud to have received specialized Montessori training for secondary school teachers. This training has provided me with valuable insights into child-centered learning and the importance of fostering independence and critical thinking skills in students.

I believe in creating a supportive and inclusive classroom environment that encourages collaboration, curiosity, and a lifelong love for learning.

Outside of the classroom, I enjoy staying updated with the latest scientific research, exploring nature, and engaging in outdoor activities.

Ms Giulia

I was born in Italy but spent a significant part of my childhood and adolescence in Grenoble, France. My educational journey took me back to Italy, where I studied and obtained my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Modern Languages for International Communication and Cooperation with honors from Roma Tre University. I specialized in French and Arabic, and I was fortunate to receive a scholarship to further my studies in linguistic translation at the Université de Lausanne in Switzerland.

During my time in Grenoble, I had the opportunity to work on subtitling numerous short films from Italian to French for “Les rencontres du cinéma Italien à Grenoble et en Isère,” organized by the Dolce Cinema Association. Additionally, I gained valuable experience teaching Italian and English to French-speaking students at the European Space Agency’s childcare division (ESA-ESRIN).

Prior to joining Benedetto XV International School, I taught English language at ITAP Europa Unita for two years. Currently, I have the pleasure of teaching Italian and French to Middle School students, as well as Geography in Year 4 and Italian in Year 6. I am excited to contribute to the vibrant educational environment at Benedetto XV and help students thrive in their language and cultural studies.

Ms Ekaterina

Hello everyone, I’m Ms. Ekaterina Zarechnaya, the music education teacher at Benedetto XV International School. With a background in music and extensive experience as an opera singer and music teacher, I bring a wealth of knowledge and passion to my classes. I graduated from the Moscow Music Academy in Russia and have had the privilege of working with acclaimed musicians and participating in prestigious theater events across Europe. In my course, I guide middle school students through a comprehensive exploration of music, including its history, modern genres, solfeggio, and playing musical instruments. My objective is to foster students’ understanding and appreciation of the art of music. Let’s embark on a melodious journey together!

Ms Vladlena

Hi, I’m originally from  Odessa, Ukraine, and have had the incredible opportunity to travel and reside in numerous countries across the globe. My educational journey took me to diverse institutions such as Grand McEwan Community College in Edmonton, Canada, Heinrich Heine Universitaet in Düsseldorf, Germany, and Università per Stranieri in Perugia, Italy, where I specialized in Modern Languages.

In 2015, I earned an equivalency diploma and obtained 24 CFU at Tor Vergata University. My passion lies in the realms of History and Anthropology, delving into the rich tapestry of human experiences. Alongside my intellectual pursuits, I actively engage in various sports, particularly Yoga and Pilates. I am captivated by the wonders of travel and the opportunity to immerse myself in new cultures.

Since 2018, I have been an integral part of the Benedetto XV International community. The most rewarding aspect of my role is the strong bonds I foster with the students over time, creating a sense of belonging within our extended family. Each day at Benedetto XV is filled with unique experiences, thanks to the exceptional teamwork and the extraordinary students who surround me. Working in such an environment ensures that every day is a great day.

Ms Isabel

Hello, I’m Isabel and I have the great pleasure to teach English Literature in the Middle School at Benedetto XV. I am originally from England’s capital city, London where I still have many friends and family and I enjoy visiting often. My lifelong passion has been for learning languages, and it has taken me to study and live in various countries. I have a degree in Combined Honours Modern Languages in French and Italian specialising in Linguistics and Advanced Translation from the University of Exeter in the UK. As part of my degree studies, I was lucky enough to spend a year at Ca’Foscari University in Venice and then later in France. I am a qualified TEFL and TESOL educator (Teaching English as a Foreign Language and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and for several years, alongside my work as a qualified translator of Italian/French into English, I have conducted private language lessons to students of middle/high school and adult age via distance learning. My journey as an educator has taken me to work in a variety of settings including a primary school in Devon as a teaching assistant and then later at a prestigious school for girls in Kensington, London where I worked as a teacher of French and Italian at the primary school. As a linguist my path has been multifaceted and for several years whilst I wasn’t teaching, I worked in the world of charity event management, before moving into a communications role and then later translating for the wine distribution industry. I have always been passionate about literature and language and strive to instil this enthusiasm in my students. My greatest wish is to inspire others to feel confident in speaking, reading and writing English and I enjoy working alongside them to help fulfil their goals. When I am not in school, I love to spend time with my young children, family and friends. I enjoy travelling to new places and to meet new people. 

Ms Aurora

Hello! My name is Aurora, and I am Italian. I recently completed my master’s degree in European and American Languages and Literatures with a thesis on Roberto Bolaño, a Chilean-born author, with top honors at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. Three years earlier, I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages and Literatures with a thesis on the translation and commentary of texts by Antonio Arévalo, also with honors, from the same university. I hold credits in anthropology, psychology, and pedagogy, as well as the necessary methodologies and educational technologies to guide effective teaching. Additionally, I have recently passed the entrance exams for the TFA (Active Formative Internship), a program chosen by the Italian Ministry of Education to allow aspiring teachers to acquire the specialization required for special education teachers. This specialization serves as a crucial link between the regular classroom, students with disabilities, and the teaching staff, promoting the integration of differently-abled students not only in school but also in society. In fact, my decision to pursue this path is driven by the increasing prevalence of specific learning disorders (SLD), among others, and I strongly believe that every teacher, regardless of their subject, should have psychopedagogical competencies.

I have already gained some prior experience as a teacher in public schools through the MAD (Availability for Teaching) program. Currently, I teach Italian and French at the Benedetto XV Middle School. I hope this is just the beginning of a long journey.



I’m Monica, and I’m thrilled to be a part of the Benedetto XV International School community. I come to you with a diverse educational background and an unwavering passion for teaching.

Originally from Zimbabwe, I embarked on my educational journey by earning a degree in Applied Chemistry from the National University of Science and Technology. My quest for knowledge and commitment to education then led me to South Africa, where I earned a postgraduate certificate in education, specializing in Natural Science and Mathematics. My thirst for learning didn’t stop there; I furthered my studies and obtained a degree in Environmental Management.

During my time in South Africa, I had the privilege of teaching a range of subjects, including Mathematics, Science, and Mathematical Literacy, in various high schools. My goal has always been to nurture young minds and instill in them a deep love for learning. To enhance my teaching skills, I pursued a course in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).

My journey eventually brought me to Italy, where I embraced the role of an English teacher. In my previous schools, I had the pleasure of teaching English to a wonderfully diverse group of students, spanning from infants as young as 8 months old to young adults. Alongside this, I assisted students in preparing for Cambridge exams, honing their interview skills, and developing their conversational English abilities.

Now, I take great pride in being a part of the Benedetto XV community, where I have the privilege of teaching Mathematics to middle school students. My educational voyage mirrors my dedication to crafting a fulfilling and enriching learning experience for students of all ages and backgrounds.

As we embark on this educational journey together at Benedetto XV International School, I’m excited to be a part of your child’s growth and development.

I look forward to getting to know both you and your child better and working together to create a nurturing and inspiring educational environment here at Benedetto XV.