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Ms Chiara

Hello, I’m Ms. Chiara, and I am thrilled to be a Maths and Science teacher at Benedetto XV International School. 

I hold a degree in Biology with a specialization in Ecology from the University of Rome La Sapienza. After completing my undergraduate studies, I had the opportunity to work with an international organization focused on food security and sustainable agriculture in developing countries. This experience allowed me to witness the importance of science and its practical applications in addressing global challenges.

Driven by my curiosity and desire to make a difference, I pursued further academic studies at the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa. There, I obtained my Ph.D. in Agrobioscience, with a research focus on the consequences of climate change on agricultural systems in Ethiopia.

Since 2014, I have been dedicated to sharing my knowledge and passion for Maths and Science with students. I understand the importance of engaging and empowering young minds, and I strive to create a stimulating learning environment where students can explore, question, and discover the wonders of the natural world.

I have actively pursued professional development opportunities to enhance my teaching skills. I have completed courses in pedagogy, psychology, anthropology, and teaching methodology to ensure that I am equipped with the most effective approaches to education.

I am also proud to have received specialized Montessori training for secondary school teachers. This training has provided me with valuable insights into child-centered learning and the importance of fostering independence and critical thinking skills in students.

I believe in creating a supportive and inclusive classroom environment that encourages collaboration, curiosity, and a lifelong love for learning.

Outside of the classroom, I enjoy staying updated with the latest scientific research, exploring nature, and engaging in outdoor activities.

Ms Ekaterina

Hello everyone, I’m Ms. Ekaterina Zarechnaya, the music education teacher at Benedetto XV International School. With a background in music and extensive experience as an opera singer and music teacher, I bring a wealth of knowledge and passion to my classes. I graduated from the Moscow Music Academy in Russia and have had the privilege of working with acclaimed musicians and participating in prestigious theater events across Europe. In my course, I guide middle school students through a comprehensive exploration of music, including its history, modern genres, solfeggio, and playing musical instruments. My objective is to foster students’ understanding and appreciation of the art of music. Let’s embark on a melodious journey together!

Ms Giulia

I was born in Italy but spent a significant part of my childhood and adolescence in Grenoble, France. My educational journey took me back to Italy, where I studied and obtained my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Modern Languages for International Communication and Cooperation with honors from Roma Tre University. I specialized in French and Arabic, and I was fortunate to receive a scholarship to further my studies in linguistic translation at the Université de Lausanne in Switzerland.

During my time in Grenoble, I had the opportunity to work on subtitling numerous short films from Italian to French for “Les rencontres du cinéma Italien à Grenoble et en Isère,” organized by the Dolce Cinema Association. Additionally, I gained valuable experience teaching Italian and English to French-speaking students at the European Space Agency’s childcare division (ESA-ESRIN).

Prior to joining Benedetto XV International School, I taught English language at ITAP Europa Unita for two years. Currently, I have the pleasure of teaching Italian and French to Middle School students, as well as Geography in Year 4 and Italian in Year 6. I am excited to contribute to the vibrant educational environment at Benedetto XV and help students thrive in their language and cultural studies.

Ms Liesbeth

Hello, I’m Ms. Liesbeth, a teacher at Benedetto XV International School. Originally from the Netherlands and now living in Rome, I have a diverse background and a passion for teaching art. With a degree in languages and art history, I further pursued my interest in art therapy, completing a master’s degree in “arte-terapia” in 2011. Over the past 20 years, I have conducted art workshops in various settings, including daycare centers for individuals with mental disabilities and psychiatric disorders, public elementary and middle schools, and group lessons for children, teenagers, and adults.

Drawing, painting, and creating are not only my personal loves but also the means through which I empower others. At Benedetto XV International School, I have the privilege of guiding students in expressing themselves, exploring their imagination, and tapping into their inner strength and creativity. Witnessing individuals discover their emotions, enhance self-awareness, and gain new perspectives through art is incredibly rewarding.

I believe that art is a powerful tool for personal growth and development, and as a teacher at Benedetto XV International School, I am dedicated to sharing this belief with my students. Whether it’s through guiding children, teenagers, or adults, I am committed to fostering self-expression, creativity, and self-discovery through art. It brings me immense satisfaction to see individuals thrive and gain a new way of observing and understanding themselves and the world through their artistic endeavors.

Ms Carolyn

Hello, I’m Carolyn, and I am proud to be a teacher at Benedetto XV International School. Originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, I bring a diverse academic background and a passion for education. I hold a B.A. in Political Science, a B.S. with high honors in Global Environmental Sciences, and a Master’s degree in Chemical Oceanography.

With my educational journey spanning various subjects, I have gained valuable teaching experience in English, Science, Math, and Oceanography across different educational levels, from preschool to university. I am particularly passionate about Ocean Literacy, having completed a special training course with the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO. Additionally, I have a strong understanding of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a focus on SDG14, which pertains to “Life Below Water.”

Prior to joining Benedetto XV International School, I served as the educational director of the MuMa Museum of the Sea in Milazzo, Sicily. This role allowed me to further enrich my knowledge and passion for teaching. Currently, I teach Maths and Science in the primary school for Year 5 and 6, as well as Science in the Middle School.

Outside of the classroom, I am a proud mother to my daughter. In my free time, I enjoy immersing myself in literature and exploring the breathtaking corners of Italy.

I am dedicated to fostering a love for learning, scientific inquiry, and environmental awareness in my students. Through engaging lessons and hands-on experiences, I aim to inspire the next generation to become responsible global citizens who are conscious of the importance of our oceans and the sustainable development of our world.

Ms Vladlena

Hi, I’m originally from  Odessa, Ukraine, and have had the incredible opportunity to travel and reside in numerous countries across the globe. My educational journey took me to diverse institutions such as Grand McEwan Community College in Edmonton, Canada, Heinrich Heine Universitaet in Düsseldorf, Germany, and Università per Stranieri in Perugia, Italy, where I specialized in Modern Languages.

In 2015, I earned an equivalency diploma and obtained 24 CFU at Tor Vergata University. My passion lies in the realms of History and Anthropology, delving into the rich tapestry of human experiences. Alongside my intellectual pursuits, I actively engage in various sports, particularly Yoga and Pilates. I am captivated by the wonders of travel and the opportunity to immerse myself in new cultures.

Since 2018, I have been an integral part of the Benedetto XV International community. The most rewarding aspect of my role is the strong bonds I foster with the students over time, creating a sense of belonging within our extended family. Each day at Benedetto XV is filled with unique experiences, thanks to the exceptional teamwork and the extraordinary students who surround me. Working in such an environment ensures that every day is a great day.