Primary School

(Age 6-11)

Benedetto XV International’s Primary School follows educational practices which are aimed at developing each pupil’s knowledge, abilities and critical thinking skills while promoting moral, social and cultural development. The school’s curriculum harmoniously integrates the National British Curriculum with the Italian Ministry of Education (MIUR) guidelines. English is the predominant language of instruction and all subjects are taught in English to ensure that students master the four language skills of Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing.

Reading, Writing and Math are taught simultaneously in both English and Italian. Italian is taught according to the Italian Ministry of Education (MIUR) guidelines. The amount of teaching time dedicated to the Italian language is similar to that of an Italian school to allow our students to successfully reach the required objectives for primary school, outlined by the Italian Ministry of Education (MIUR).  

Humanities (History and Geography) and Science are first introduced exclusively in English (Kindergarten through Grade and 2) to aid language learning and increase pupils’ vocabulary. As of Grade 3, these subjects are then divided into English and Italian: Geography is taught in Italian, whereas Science and History remain in English. This division allows pupils to approach these subjects in both languages, integrating both the Italian and British curricula, ensuring that all learning objectives set by the aforementioned curricula, are reached.

Information Technology is taught exclusively in English and is taught both as a subject in itself, and as an instructional tool for the other subjects. In the weekly programme, a Coding and Robotics lesson is included. Our teachers are trained and supported by a specialised team in the IT field and utilise a Creative Learning methodology, which is an innovative teaching approach based on inventing, creativity, experimentation, and teamwork. Coding and Robotics tools are used to develop logical and problem solving skills.

Music is taught once a week by specialised staff who teach both musical theory and a hands on approach to different instruments.

Two lessons each week are dedicated to Physical Education and Sports. One lesson is held by our P. E.  teacher, while the other lesson is held by professional instructors, specialised in different sports. Every three months, pupils will learn and practice a different sport.

Chess is included in the curriculum and is taught once a week by a specialised teacher. Chess is more than a simply a game; it is a multidisciplinary subject that is useful for a student’s educational growth, as it improves students’ attention spans, increases concentration and enables metacognitive skills.

We also offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities that permit pupils to have fun and express themselves at school, not only academically, but also through sports, art and music.

Throughout the five years of primary school, students will also have the possibility to take the Cambridge ESOL examinations: Starters (pre- A1), Movers (A1), Flyers /KET (A2).