The staff at Benedetto XV International School in Grottaferrata is composed of teachers with solid experience in teaching and pedagogical best practices. Additionally, our staff members are trained in first aid, including dealing with hazardous incidents, such as a choking.



Director’s Welcome

Benedetto XV International school opened its doors in 2016 with only nursery and kindergarten classes.  Over the years we have continued to grow and today we also have primary and lower secondary schools. The decision to open the school and my own path as a mother led me to deepen my understanding of pedagogy and the psychology of children. During my university studies I began to work in close contact with the public and my passion for human relationships and travel emerged.  I appreciate having had the opportunity to listen to the stories of people from other countries and to learn from their experiences. There is never an end to knowledge and I am sure that respect for different cultures, religions, thoughts and diversity is the goal that each of us should set for a future of peace and love. Our international school gives students the opportunity to grow in a varied and rich environment, made up of different cultures and languages that leads them to look at others without prejudice, also providing them with the linguistic and cultural means to move, for pleasure or for work, wherever life will take them. I am happy to encourage new families to join us on this exciting and inspiring journey that propels us into a future we can all be proud of.

Marzia Pavoni