Benedetto XV International School, roma,scuola,internazionale,Nursey-School Teacher Ms Antonietta

Teaching Method

At Benedetto XV International School, we follow a dual curriculum that aligns with the guidelines set by the British Government and the Italian Ministry of Education (MIUR). This unique approach allows us to create a meaningful connection between the two cultures and integrate various academic disciplines.

We prioritize the development of our students’ organizational skills and public speaking abilities by fostering collaboration in pairs, groups, and individual work. This approach enhances their interpersonal and mediation skills, which are essential for achieving academic goals and practicing valuable life skills.

We believe in active learning, where students actively engage with the subject matter and are encouraged to think critically and deepen their understanding. Our students seamlessly navigate between multiple languages, as we promote fluid learning and encourage them to express themselves effectively in various languages.

By blending the best practices from both educational systems, we provide our students with a comprehensive education that prepares them for success in a globalized world.